Saturday, September 27, 2008

Olympic Sunset

Went to Alki Beach for the first time, and had a great view of the sunset. I had to pull out my pclix and get a quick time lapse.

The sun is setting over the Olympic mountains in the distance and Bainbridge Island and Kitsap Peninsula in the foreground. This is shot from Alki Beach off of 63rd Ave.

The interval is 1 second, with an aperature of f/14 and shutter speed of 1/500 ms.

Seattle Time Lapse 2: Capitol Hill

Time lapse of different views in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It starts near my apartment and cuts through to Broadway and Lake Union. Then down Broadway and back along Pine St and 15th Ave.

I used mostly 1 second and 2 second intervals. I allowed longer shutter speed for evening shots, to give a kool effect for bleeding car lights. I also did this to an insane degree for the shot of I-5, with a nearly 3 second interval.

All these shots are from 2 months ago. I wanted to add more, but the season has changed quite a bit, and I thought it would be odd for some shots to have people in t-shirts and shorts and other shots with people in hoodies. I will simply start on another time lapse project.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Apologies

Hi all,

I apologise for not making any new posts in a while. My grandfather recently passed away (which was very sad.) I brought my pclix to SLC as I was hoping to get some time lapse shots while in town. Unfortunately, not only did I not have any opportunities for any shots, but I also left my pclix in SLC! I was not able to recover it, and had to cough up another $185 out of my bank account. My replacement pclix just arrived, and I shall resume posting videos to Vimeo. I had already started on Seattle Time Lapse 2. I have 2495 frames so far. I plan to finish the video soon.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coming Soon: Seattle Time Lapse 2

So, Seattle Time Lapse 1 was by a wide margin my most popular video. So, I want to do a sequel! I went out and took 2,495 pictures tonight around Republican Street, South Lake Union, Broadway, and Pine Street. I still want to get some shots of Olive Way, Denny Way, and Pike Street. The title of the next video will be "Seattle Time Lapse 2: Capitol Hill". It will consist of a few late afternoon shots followed by some sunset shots and then a lot of night shots. I'm thinking of making a teaser trailer. The video will probably be online next weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Replacing my Motherboard

My Gigabyte GA-P35-DSR4 was a piece of crap, so I replaced it with an ASUS P5K PRO.

This was shot at 1 second interval at aperture f/3.5 and shutter speed 1/2 second. Some of the frames of the closeups of the motherboard were too dark, so I used a filter to make the whole video a little brighter.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seattle Time Lapse 1

My first real time lapse video (with music!). Shots from around downtown Seattle. Started at Melrose on Capitol Hill, moved to Westlake and Stewart on the way to the waterfront. Lots of shots of the ferry boarding and looking across Elliot Bay.

I found out that my camera can last a very long time on 1 charge, and that my 8GB flash card can hold much more than 5600 pictures.

Shot at 1 frame per second. Varying aperture and shutter speed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seattle time lapse delayed

OK, so I am having a hard time getting the promised Seattle time lapse online, because I am not finding a free video editor that can actually edit video with effects, music, etc. VirtualDub is great for simple one scene shots with no effects, but it is hard to work with for higher level editting. Will get the video up as soon as possible.